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3D Visage

3D-Visage is a comprehensive face scanner designed to complement all cosmetic facial treatments and surgical procedures. It allows you to receive prescribed treatments based on your  scan results which will highlight your specific skin concerns. Following this, you can then see the efficacy of your treatment by assessing your before and afters, with a stunning 3D visual, backed by accurate metrics.

  • A visual of the your face from 3 angles

  • Scoring based on comparison with the world’s largest skin type database

  • Analyse hydration level, pigmentation levels, congestion, wrinkles, skin texture, UV spots, brown spots, red areas and porphyrins

  • Comparison page for use in before and afters

  • Scans are recorded on the clinic’s own software dashboard for record keeping and comparison

  • Automatically prescribes skincare based on the client’s skin type

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