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The Neogen Plasma


NeoGen brings surgical level results to our patients and can address concerns ranging from skin laxity (loose skin) to surface issues such as wrinkles, pigmentation and open pores.


It may be used on all skin types subject to a medical assessment with our clinical team and the results are unlike anything we have seen for an electrical device before.


How does it work?


Gas-plasma energy triggers skin surface renewal whilst enabling deeper dermal remodelling with enhanced collagen and elastin so this means there are no skin breaks and your skin almost protects itself whilst the process happens below!

It can treat? 

  • Acne (active)

  • Actinic (solar) keratosis

  • Eyelid laxity (inc. crow’s feet folds, heavy lids, under-eye folds)

  • Lines & wrinkles

  • Large pores

  • Pigmentation (inc melasma, sun spots, freckles)

  • Poor texture

  • Scars

  • Sun damage (photodamage)

  • Skin laxity

  • Skin lesions

  • Stretch marks

  • Surgical scars including section scars!

Key benefits:

  • Quick treatment time

  • The entire face and neck can be treated in a single session

  • Can be used on body areas

  • Non-invasive: no puncture wounds, no thick crust, no bleeding, no cutting

  • UK-made, reliable, clinically tested and proven

  • Skin tightening and resurfacing in one solution

  • Less downtime and better safety profile VS other energy-based devices

  • CE approved for Fitzpatrick 1-4; 5-6 at clinical discretion

  • May be used on darker skin types

  • Results continue to improve over the year.

How long is my appt?

We suggest you leave one hour to allow for pre and post feedback and preparation (numbing).

How long is the downtime?

5-7 days

Back to work?

An average of 2 days.

*This will be tailored to you during your consultation.

How much?

A course of three treatments is available at £1500


We recommend GF5 by Cellderma.

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