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Is The Vampire Facial Right For Me ?

This treatment boasts endless benefits with little to no downtime and no crazy risks! Skin is often overlooked and can often be the one area that creates the most problems later on in life, this treatment allows your body to turn back time naturally with results that stand the test of time.


Where Can We Treat?

Under eye (tear trough), hands, smokers lines, face, neck and chest and is great for scarring too- it can be combined with our skinpen treatment for maximum healing results!


What Are The Benefits?

Improves the skin: helps boost collagen production, leading to firmer skin and fewer lines. The prp used during the facial speeds up cell turnover so dull and dark spots become less visible and the skin glows from the inside out! A clinically proven anti ageing treatment that harvests your bodies own ability to heal itself making it suitable for treating for scarring too.

How Is It Administered?

One of our trained practitioners will take a blood sample and then use the centrifuge to seperate your blood in to red blood cells, white blood cells and plasma containing platelets which we need to collect- these once harvested and go throughthe suspension process and will be injected using micro needles or using a skinpen microneedling device so we can ensure the platelets are administered pricesly where they can cause maximum benefit!


Is It Safe?

Very safe! This is after all your own blood!

What Do I Need To Prepare?

We want to ensure a successful sample so avoid fatty foods, anything too sugary and stay hydrated! This is key... On the day please ensure you are hydrated, have avoided too much caffeine and have eaten something substantial for breakfast such as porridge oats or wholemeal toast and a banana!


Advisory Treatments

A course of 4 treatments to begin with.


£295 per treatment, buy three and the fourth is free.

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