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Give Us Your Feedback
Specify your age group please:
What is your gender?
Do you think it is important to be greeted by a receptionist?
Do you think it is important to be offered a refreshment upon arrival?
Do you feel all staff are presented well with their hair, makeup, and nails etc?
Do you feel you are ever left waiting to see your practitioner for longer than you expect to?
Do you ever feel rushed in your appointments?
Do you like the music choice in the clinic room?
Do you find your practitioner friendly and approachable?
Do you feel your practitioner fully explains the treatment before proceeding?
Do you feel your aftercare is explained well?
Do you feel your practitioner offers a wide and varied range of treatments?
Would you find it beneficial for a routine follow up email 24 hours after your appointment?
Do you find the website booking system easy to navigate?
Would you recommend La Ross Aesthetics to friends and family?

Thank you! Your feedback is most appreciated!

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