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Post-Natal Massage

Post-natal massage plays an important role in helping mothers feel loved and supported, it is an effective and traditional practice that is aimed to enhance recovery and improve all aspects of a mother’s health effectively and safely.


  • Help support postpartum mental health and help mother to relax and destress

  • Reduction of pain, swelling and muscular soreness & tension

  • Promotes structural adjustments of the spine, pelvis, core & reorganisation of movement

  • Support the recovery and rehabilitation of abdominal skin, muscles and organs

  • Encourages restful sleep

  • Improves milk production/breastfeeding

  • Aids regulation of hormones.

* Advised to allow 2-3 weeks post-birth for natural healing process to take course – this is all dependent on the individual mother. C-section births are advised to wait until around 6-8weeks post-birth for scar to naturally heal.

*The option for a manual lymphatic drainage massage during pregnancy and postpartum can be provided if you speak to Courtney to discuss these can help reduce swelling during and after pregnancy and aid the healing process following all types of births.

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