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Leeann is an advanced beauty therapist and holds a VTCT Level 4 qualification is semi permanent make up: she also delivers this training herself. Leeann holds a level three qualification in training and education and is a member of the beauty guild. 

Leeann offers a wide range of beauty treatments including the 3D Hydro2 Facial, advanced facials, cryotherapy and laser thread vein removal. Leeann enjoys working with their clients to assess their skin to tailor design programmes to address THEIR needs! Leeann uses the 3D Visage, to not only say the prescriptive facials work- but prove they do!

Leeann is passionate about skincare and offers every single client free product sessions to ensure they are doing everything they can at home to maximise their results.

Advice for anyone joining the industry? Keep your standards high and ethics even higher!

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