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Is The Prp Hair Loss Treatment For Me?

If you feel your hair is lacking radiance and density and the signs of ageing are starting to take their toll you may find your hair loss dramatically reduces with this simple treatment. If you are suffering from androgenic alopecia commonly known as male patterned balding or female patterned hair loss, alopoceia areata or have recently had a hair transplant then prp therapy could help you. Before the treatment, you will be assessed to see if the treatment is the right one for you.


What Are The Benefits?

Minimal risks, quick and easy in comparison to other treatments, natural-looking results, clinically proven results *everyone is different which is why we advise starting with a consultation.


How Is It Administered?

One of our trained practitioners will take a blood sample and then use the centrifuge to separate your blood into red blood cells, white blood cells to collate your plasma which contains the platelets we aim to collect, once harvested and suspended will be injected using microneedles so we can ensure the platelets are administered precisely so they can induce the maximum results.


Is It Safe?

Very!! This after all it is your own blood!

What Do I Need To Prepare?

We want to ensure a successful sample so avoid fatty foods, anything too sugary and stay hydrated! On the day please ensure you are hydrated, have avoided too much caffeine and have eaten something substantial for breakfast such as porridge oats, wholemeal toast and a banana!

Advisory Treatments

A course of 4 to begin with.


£295 per treatment, buy 3 and the fourth is free.

I want a consultation please!

Thanks for submitting!

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