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Dr Allessandra Scilletta

Sicily, Italy.

Dr Allessandra Scilletta is a board certified plastic surgeon, an avid speaker

across the world and an industry leader in regenerative treatments. Dr Scilletta combines modalities to create optimum surgical results. She specialises in liposuction and body sculpting treatments, facial surgery such as blepharoplasty, brow lift and lip lift etc.  She is supported by an incredible team of professionals that speak English and are there to support their patients throughout their journey. Dr scilletta has created a truly VIP experience for her patients, with a

luxury clinic overlooking the water.

What surgery is available?


(Upper)- From 3000 Euros

(Lower)- from 4500 Euros

Lip lift- 2000 Euros

Eyebrow lift -2500 Euros

Otoplasty- 4000 Euros

Breast Augmentation- From 6500 Euros


Hips 3000 Euro

Coulotte de cheval 3500 Euros

Knees 2000 Euro

Back 3000 Euro

Bra area 2000 Euro

Brasilian Buck (Sculpting) 5000 Euro

Face Lipofilling 2000 Euros

Where is the clinic?

The closest airport is Catania (Sicily) and the clinic is approx 30 mins by car.

Flight time is approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes, flights start from just £20 each way depending on the season.


Airlines: Ryanair, Easy jet etc

A driver will collect you from the airport.

Surgical packages available


Preoperative package (compulsory) £750

Includes full blood work as per surgeons' requests


Full health assessment and medical documentation


Echo cardiogram assessment


Surgical consult and liaison


Travel support and coordination with Sicily.


All completed in The Clinic by La Ross.


Includes full preoperative package PLUS (£1200)

Post surgical wound management


Post surgical Light therapy to optimise healing


Liaison with Dr Sciletta to ensure healing is monitored


Includes preoperative package, plus post operative package PLUS (£1995)

10 sessions of Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage, 4 to be used pre surgery and 6 after surgery including additional light therapy post massage.

4 sessions of skin priming using Polynucleotides to ensure skin health is optimum and improving the overall scar.


Skinade surgical in support supplementation package for pre and post.

* UK in clinic Nurse to chaperone you to and from- price tbc on request.

Send us an enquiry and we will get back to you!

Thanks for your enquiry!

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