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At the clinic we want to provide support to our patients at every stage of their surgical journey whether you have had surgery in the UK or abroad. 

If you are having surgery and want us to support you in preparation for your surgery then we can work with your plastic surgeon to ensure the best outcome and can offer pre operative tests, and guidance.


If you want some guidance about which surgeons would be right for you, then you can start your search by visiting sites such as Real Self, for unedited reviews and post surgical images (Link below).

We also have referral pathways in place in the UK and outside to provide options, but we always encourage you to do your research and make an informed choice that is right for you!

We strongly advise you to ask questions, be informed and consider all options before ever opting in to any surgery.


Your team at the clinic

Refer a patient

Ensure your patients get the best aftercare treatment by direct referral.

Thank you for referring your patient to us, please take this time to let us know exactly what you recommend for your patient so we can meet their needs and ensure their surgery is a success!

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