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Natasha is a qualified midwife of over 5 years – regulated by the NMC. Currently still a practicing midwife; Natasha continues to enjoy a career in a job that she adores!

She is currently one of the newest members to join the La Ross team and completed a 12 month mentorship with Kate last year.

Natasha is passionate over Regenerative medicine and feminine wellness. Natasha is an advocate for supporting women, informed choice and patient focus care and always works hard to ensure a detailed and comprehensive consultation.

Natasha offers a wide range of treatments at the clinic so to discuss your aesthetic goals book in for a consultation today.

Natasha has become a key member of the La Ross Team and our patients love her! 

Advice to anyone starting out?

Believe in yourself!

*Natasha is currently on Sabbatical, we cant wait for her to return.

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