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Bio Identical Health

What are hormones?

Hormones are the most powerful molecules in the body and are responsible for cell growth and development, process, metabolic rate and overall control of the whole body. Hormones are responsible for optimal levels essential for health and quality of life essentially, they are the governing body that control all of the physiological processes of the body.


What do they control? EVERYTHING…​

  • Nervous system

  • Heart and cardiovascular system 

  • Immune function 

  • Gastrointestinal health

  • Skeletal system 

  • Muscular system

  • Endocrine system

  • Maintain connective tissue, skin, hair, bone and muscle

  • Prevent diabetes

  • Prevent fatty liver

  • Regulate blood pressure

  • Improve endothelial function (blood vessel function)

  • Prevent atherosclerosis (plaques)

  • Reduce cholesterol

  • Key players in the function, growth, and maintenance of all tissues

  • Neuro-steroids effects

  • Maintain brain function and health 

  • Affect mood, cognition, memory and pain

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What happens as we age?

We are born with Hormones and the levels rise at puberty and stabilise as we reach 20-30 years old, gradually they begin to decline from 35 and this leads to a loss of normal body functions and consequently loss of control in the body.

This essentially leaves the body at risk of developing symptoms which then can lead to disease thus restoring these levels means overall better health and quality of life.


Does gender influence this?

For females this indicates a decline in ovary function (Ovaries make oestrogen) and this hormone is necessary for optimal body function. Oestrogen has over 300 functions in the body which make it a significant element of our overall functionality. Ovaries also make progesterone and testosterone, essential hormones. Hormones start to imbalance in our 30s, Progesterone decreases first and then testosterone starts to decline with a final drop around the age of 50 of Oestrogen (30% drop as we approach 50) and at this stage we are introduced to Menopause signally a sharp decline in Oestrogen which then brings on the symptoms, which can be massively impacting to quality of life.

  • Hot flushes

  • Night sweats

  • Skin and vaginal dryness

  • Low mood

  • Brain fog

  • Memory loss

  • Joint aches

  • Low sex drive

  • Skin wrinkles

  • Hair loss

  • Heart disease

  • Osteoporosis

  • High cholestereol

  • Vaginal atrophy

  • Alzheimers

  • Neurological problems


So, what does Perimenopause mean?

As our Progesterone levels decrease by 75% in women age 35 to 50 and the levels continues to decrease this can lead to low progesterone and an imbalance. This can result in symptoms such as:  heavy painful periods, Irregular monthly cycle, Mood swings, Irritability ,Worsening PMT, Breast  tenderness, Weight gain, Water retention, Migraines, Bloating, Low sex drive, Hair thinning, Loss of muscle tone and  Poor sleep.


What about Men?

Men are impacted too by changes in hormone levels, they have a more gradual decline, and this starts in mid 30’s leaving them at higher risk of disease such as heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Stroke and Neuromuscular diseases.

Their quality of life also changes- Increased body fat – abdominal and visceral, Decreased muscle, Fatigue, Low libido, Poor memory, Low mood – depression plus Sexual dysfunction.

Hormones and Hair.

50% of women start to lose their hair from age 50 and hormonal hair loss is the biggest single factor for women. Its important to note, imbalances in hormones cause hair loss as well as low hormone levels. Even in pregnancy we see a fluctuation in hair strength- the early stages of pregnancy the hair weakens and subsequently this leads to loss but later in pregnancy we see a rise in Oestrogen and this can lead to a swift change strengthening and thickening hair.

So what about conventional treatments?

Now the treatments available do not directly replace the hormones lost or declining, they manage some of the symptoms but no not directly address the problem. HRT often addresses hot flushes and night sweats and is a combination of estrogen and progastrin, a synthetic ‘DRUG’ compound- not hormones! Usually there is no improvement in some of the major symptoms such as Anxiety, Weight management or sex drive- some research suggests it can make symptoms worse and can lead to further health concerns such as breast and ovarian cancers.  It doesn’t replace the hormone it substitutes it with a drug which doesn’t address the problem and often leads to further problems.

What about those who are perimenopausal? At the moment their treatment is mainly the Merina coil, a Contraceptive device (coil)  that implants into uterus – stopping the egg from attaching. It secretes a fake hormone – levonogestrel which people think is progesterone, it is not! It is progestin, they may be similar compounds but have different effects on the body.

So what can we do?

We can assess your symptoms to get a rough idea whether your symptoms could be hormone related and then following a detailed consultation we can take a blood test to check the levels of hormones, thus we can identify imbalances and deficiencies in individuals.

This allows us to replace the exact hormones that we are low or deficient and use hormones that are chemically identical to the ones we have lost so we can deliver the hormones in a safe and natural format.

So is that the end of it?

No, hormones can change all the time which is why we will always be here for you! Not only is this a completely tailored service but it is based on identifying YOUR needs and replacing what is lost in a practical, natural and safe dose and also in a format that suits the individual patient. We will ensure that we monitor you at regular intervals with blood tests and where needed we can adjust the doses and formats to ensure we are always responding to your needs- we are here for the long run!


Why work with La Ross Aesthetics and Bio ID Health?

Our partnership means you get the benefit of a clinic experience with the added safety net of a full doctor led service at your fingertips. We appreciate discussing this may be hard, emotional almost and we want to ensure we offer you all our attention in a discreet consultation at a time convenient to you.

Your nurse will have detailed, confidential consultation with you and can assess all your symptoms allowing you to get an insight in to whether your symptoms could be in fact hormone related before having any tests. We can arrange a blood test straight away in the comfort of the clinic by trained nurses/phlebotomists and can send your blood sample immediately to the Bio ID health lab for analysis, a full report will be raised and at that stage you can have a follow up consultation to discuss your results- its important you are as involved as we are.

 At this point, should the issue be hormone linked, we can provide a tailor-made solution and for a low monthly cost we can send your hormones directly to you, monitoring you always to ensure we are responsive to your needs with bloods taken at 2 months and then yearly after that.

To book your consultation use the button below or call 01634 710 146 to chat with our clinical team.

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