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La Ross Celeb Facial 

The is the ultimate facial!

Relax and unwind whilst we gently exfoliate your skin, steam and extract for deep cleaning and to banish the blackheads! 
We will Dermaplane the skin using our luxury vegan and cruelty-free balms to treat any vellus hairs and to deeply exfoliate any dead skin cells to allow for absolute product penetration. 

Next, we will use a Microneedling device with the ultimate serum to induce collagen synthesis and bring out your GLOW! 
We will help banish toxins from the skin with lymphatic drainage massage and pressure point massage. 

To finish we have a range of luxury masks, lip moisture treatments and will indulge your skin with a moisture boost!! 

You can also take away a 24-carat gold mask to use at home x

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