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BLOG- Skin boosters? What are they all about! By our Natasha (NMC Reg)

What happens to skin as we age?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and performs important functions such as thermoregulation, sensation and protection. With advancing age, these functions are increasingly impaired and changes occur in every layer of the skin leading to thin, dry and sagging skin, while loss of structure and integrity diminishes the skin’s ability to protect the body and detect changes in temperature and pressure.

Signs of ageing can affect the way we look, feel and the way we think people perceive us. Media perceptions often exacerbate  situations with unrealistic perceptions of the way we are supposed to age or look. When we think about ageing, the first thing that comes to mind is how our appearance changes. Although all organs undergo transformation as time passes, it’s our skin, however, that bears the most obvious changes.

Collagen production decreases. The quality of collagen also diminishes, both of which leads to loss of structural integrity — aka sagging. Elastin production goes down. Skin that’s less pliable can take on a leathery appearance and is more prone to tearing. Skin thins. This is due in part to a flattening of the dermo-epidermal junction: the finger-like projections between those two layers that strengthen the skin and increase the exchange of oxygen, nutrients, and waste products. This contributes to wrinkling and problems with vibrance and healing. Blood vessels become more fragile, leading to bleeding under the skin or more significant bruising. Subcutaneous fat layer thins and shifts. Fat just beneath the skin decreases and/or moves around, resulting in puffiness and hollowness — bone loss can exacerbate this effect. Sleep creases appear. In addition to gravity and motion-induced wrinkling, these lines begin to show up on the temples, cheeks, and décolleté.

For many decades, scientists believed that we could only slow down the effects of extrinsic ageing on the skin. But research into powerful ingredients like hyaluronic acid has proven that skincare can make a difference in intrinsic ageing, too. 

Skin boosters are used to deliver a deep hydration into the layers of the skin and can be used to tackle several concerns. Dull, tired and lack lustre complexions can highly benefit from the active ingredients and hydration factors of skin boosters; They are a form of facial, skin rejuvenation and treatments work to revive dehydrated looking skin. Although each type of skin booster contains different primary ingredients which are suitable for different skin objectives, Hyaluronic Acid is a primary ingredient in all.  Working to restore the hydro balance within the dermis, these treatments work by the replenishment of Hyaluronic Acid back into the dermis- a key function in maintaining hydration. 

There are several skin booster treatments available but some of my favourites are below;

Neofound is an injectable unique composition that provides an all-round effect. With ingredients that promote collagen production, improving the skins tone, provide nourishment and deep hydration. Neofound can also reduce free radicals, skin yellowing and hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and water loss.

Profhilo is an injectable gel that uses a highly concentrated Hyaluronic acid, delivered to deeper layers of the skin. It enhances, renews, regenerates skin from the inside out. Gives a refreshed looking appearance. Can be used on the face, neckand decolletage.

Redensity is injectable that uses a unique formula of high molecular weight hyaluraonic acid and other essential ingredients to provide hyrdration, rejuvenation and radiance to the skin- we all know this is Kates favourite!

Then there is .... PRP, a facial rejuvenation treat that uses your own plasma to stimulate collagen production and cell migration, helping to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. PRP skin treatment can dramatically improve skin tone. The results from PRP therapy are natural-looking and subtle, 

While dermal fillers and anti-ageing treatments are suitablefor some and absolutely have their place within aesthetics,more and more people are looking for a more natural approach. Skin booster treatments are widely accepted due to their safety, non-invasive treatment processes and minimal downtime. Alongside their moisture-surging benefits, skin boosters promote collagen and elastin synthesis that work to reproduce over a long period – constantly working to combat skin laxity and crepey skin, hydrating and improving overall skin quality – making them a go-to option for skin maintenance for every age group.

If I had to pick one favourite skin treatment, it would be PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, a treatment process where the patient’s blood is harvested and processed for the purpose of reinjection back into the patient. The results following atreatment course are truly staggering and never cease to amaze me. I love how something as simple as using a patient’sown plasma can be used to initiate and accelerate tissue repair and regeneration. The bioactive proteins initiate connective tissue healing and repair, promote development of new blood vessels, and stimulate the healing process. In addition to this, due to this being a natural product taken from your own blood the risks are minimal in comparison to other treatments and most people can resume daily activities straight away..

But every single treatment is perfect for someone so find your perfect fit, can't wait to see you in the clinic to talk about we can do for you and your skin xx

Thanks for reading my blog!

Natasha x x


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