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Cellulite!!!! Blog by La Ross Courtney

The bane of cellulite! You’re not alone ladies. – Need help? Read this!


The dreaded curse of cellulite, well guess what ladies you aren’t the only one that have it.

Cellulite affects us ladies more than it does men (I feel you, I know what you are thinking another bloody thing we have to deal with that men don’t haha). This is all due to the different fat, muscle, and connective tissue disruption – the disruption of fat in women is more visible in women than men. The collagen fibres between the skin and muscle separate the underlying fat into multiple pockets. Cellulite affects 85% of women in varying degrees. It is one of the most common skin related concerns and can have a huge impact on your self-image and body confidence. But ladies, don’t worry and don’t feel ashamed of it – it’s not harmful and we can do things to help reduce the appearance of cellulite!

So, what is cellulite? … it is described as smalluneven, depressions in the skin and occurs when the skin overlaying certain areas of fat is pulled down to the deeper tissues by the connective tissue bands which in turn creates an uneven and ripple effect to the skins surface. It can mainly be seen on your hips, thighs & bum but can be visible on your stomach, arms and breasts. It usually starts forming shortly after puberty and is caused and exacerbated by several different factors.

What causes cellulite? … it is the result of a build-upof fat underneath the skin. When the fat cells (adipocytes) increase in size they compress the vessels, collagen fibers and the other layers of the skin above. The compression of these structures and the lack of space, can cause poor circulation which is turns reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients reaching the cells and the fluid that flows between the cells are not drained properly causing oedema and swelling. All of the above – the increase in fat cells and oedema pulls the collagen fibers , forming depression on the surface of the skin and gets it “orange peel” appearance.

Some women are more disposed to it compared to others, the amount and how visible it is can be related to your genes, body fat percentage, skin thickness and age. It can become more noticeable with age as our skin loses elasticity and gets thinner, exposing that rippling effect more.

But other factors include:

• hormones

• fibrosis

• fat hypertrophy

• metabolic issues

• water retention

• week connective tissue

• poor diet – high fat and sugar consumption

• accumulation of toxins

• weight gain

• inactivity


It doesn’t matter what body shape, size, or weight you are; everyone can get cellulite.

So now you are wondering .. how do you beat the cellulite?

Here at the La Ross, we completely understand and know how you ladies feel. So, we have put treatments together to help you regain your confidence and not let cellulite stop you from enjoying your body.

I provide the following combination of treatments which will help with both the breakdown and the appearance of cellulite:

• body contouring - wood therapy and ice clay sculpting massage

• manual lymphatic drainage

Wood therapy which is also known as Columbian or Maderoterapia is a massage therapy that has been used for centuries which consists of vigorous and repetitive movements using specially designed wooden tools.

Originally it was used as a holistic approach to rebalance energy and reduce stress. However, now it is used far more for its aesthetic benefits as it is known to firm and contour the body, toning and tightening the skin, breaking down and eliminated localised fatty tissue and cellulite.

Benefits of Wood Therapy

• Stimulates the lymphatic system

• Reduces water retention and removes toxins from the body

• Speeds up metabolism

• Increases blood circulation

• Breaks down localised fatty cells & cellulite

• Tones & tightens the skin

• Improve production of elastin, collagen & vitamins

• Reactivate the nervous system

• Reduces stress & anxiety, mood & energy booster

• Promotes relaxation & better sleep

• Strengthen the immune system

It is an effortless and effective way of contouring the body without being invasive and harming the skin, tissue, or muscles.  Wood therapy increases the breakdown and elimination of localised fatty tissue and fibrous cellulite.


In recent years, ice and cold therapy have grown in popularity due to its amazing benefits it has on the skin and the underlying adipose tissue. So, it’s now very common within beauty treatments now from skin care to fat loss so ice therapy is embedded within the wood therapy treatment for more optimal results. Clay Ice is specifically designed clay that can be frozen to further enhance results, these clays detoxify the skin and draw impurities and toxins out of the body which tone and tighten the skin further. 

Benefits of Clay Ice 

• Hydrates the skin & brightens complexion

• Exfoliates and removes dead skin cell build

• Improves skin firmness/elasticity

• Improves skin texture

• Reduces pigmentation and scarring

• Reduces inflammation

• Stimulates blood circulation

• Activates the lymphatic system

• Detoxes the body

• Tightens and shrinks pores

• Contour & lifts the skin

• Improves serum absorption

• Breaks down stubborn adipose tissue


It is advised to have at least 6 weekly sessions or until you achieve your desired result. But like with any treatments, you must be consistent and accountable outside your treatment sessions. So, at home you must – reduce and limit your caffeine and alcohol, healthy eating, exercise, dry body brushing, keep hydrated – aim for 2.5L a day.


We also have an amazing product called Skinade, which is a drinkable internal skin product which works from the inside and supports the skin all over your body, no matter where you have cellulite. It works from the inside to help with oxidated damage, hormonal changes, fibrosis, stress, water retention, poor detoxification and is designed to improve circulation, metabolism, skin elasticity, and the integrity of the dermal matrix essential to reducing the appearance of cellulite.

It has been developed by leading UK scientist and have had the following results, firmer and smoother skin, reduced dimpling, increase skin elasticity and reduction of the “orange peel” appearance. Significant results were observed by 87% of women on day 28 and 100% by day 56 in the reduction of the appearance and after 90 days the reduction of gluteal fold subcutaneous fat was 28% less and femoral fold was 23% less. For the best results they recommend a 90-day supply.

The number one benefit of all these treatments and products is that they are non-surgical and non-evasive treatments directly targeting your cellulite problems. So amazing for anyone looking to kick start their summer bodies, leading up to a wedding, for anti-aging or just to help regain some body confidence! Not just addressing your cellulite but helping lose the inches and improve the appearance of your skin. It is the perfect following on treatment following cosmetic surgery after completing a course of manual lymphatic drainage massage to help maintain your desired results.


So, ladies, it’s time to beat the cellulite and act, pop Courtney an email and arrange your treatments today for your free consultation and to put a plan in place. We will be dropping a cellulite buster programme this week, so join the mail out list to be one of the first to grab out discounted package!



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