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Complications are reality, let’s talk about them, not hide from them!

Blog by Samantha

We all know that having a cosmetic procedure does not come without potential risks however when do we decide what is considered normal and what is not?

Before any treatment begins, a thorough and detailed consultation is always the starting point, our chance to listen to your concerns, to learn what has brought you to the clinic and discuss if that concern is something that can be aesthetically addressed and is anatomically possible- I know it sounds like I’m stating the obvious, but Instagram filters have often made the ‘goal’ something impossible!

Medical history and client infomation is a vital step in the consultation process, this can indicate any contraindications for potential treatments, alongside any allergies or factors that may need to be considered before treatments commence. A dermal filler or Botox appointment seems to be classed as a 'lunch break' treatment nowadays, however I believe this is very misleading and can create a false sense of security and at times we have had clients come to us after years of having treatments and following our consultation inform us they have been in and out of an appt in minutes! Madness!

When consulting with a client, it is vital to always be honest and informative. Reward does not come without risk after all but as Kates blog discussed last week it’s all about understanding whether the treatment will improve your life, essentially whether it will benefit your overall health.

When we talk about dermal fillers, it’s scary to think some people think the only complication that could occur is bruising.. sadly this is far from reality! Bruising, redness, swelling, haemotomas, nodules, infections and vascular occulusions are all very real complications, even blindness and stroke! BUT the chances of these can be majorly minimised by working with a reputable and trustworthy practitioner, clinically trained with a strong anatomical knowledge who has your best interests at heart and will not take any unnecessary risks! Whilst risks assessments can be done, and steps taken to reduce these: we cannot shy away from the face the risks are very real..

Prior to your dermal filler treatment our website advises you on what to do prior, and on the day you will have a thorough consultation allowing us to have a further liaison regarding the treatment plan and ensuring there are no questions unanswered by us and this even relates to how we will approach the treatment! So what technique and product.. again, exploring how this impacts safety and the overall outcome!

During your treatment we are always assessing, whether that assessment is skin pallor, blanching, capillary refil time or even your response to the treatment ! We are always assessing to make sure you’re in safe hands.

When your treatment is complete and only when we have completed our safety checks, discussed what to look out for, understand what the after care is and ensured you have access to our emergency contact number you’re welcome to leave our clinic- even emailing an electronic copy straight to your phone!

Whatever happens- we are here for you! This is the ethos of our clinic and Kate has always promoted safety as the number one priority which is why we are proud to be the owner of a Clarius hand held ultrasound machine! This amazing technology, once only available in hospitals allows us to locate all those vascular structures before we begin a treatment so we can’t adjust our treatment as needed to keep you safe! Basically taking the risk of occluding vessels away! Well worth the investment!

I bet you’re thinking, so what is deemed as normal after?? What can I expect??

Well this relates to your treatment, but in general bruising, swelling and erythema are common side effects of an injectable treatment! But the key is THIS! Your practitioner will not finish your appointment until you are aware of exactly what to look out for! Whether it’s paleness of the skin, increasing pain, mottling etc but what is important is no matter when and what time you can always speak to us and you will always be provided with emergency care by our nurse led team. We always stress to clients we are accessible 24/7 if ever a suspicion is raised regarding a complication!

Don’t ask your friend, or google it- we are here for you!

At La Ross we put you first and when you pay for a treatment with us, you are getting a guarantee that no matter what we are always at the end of the phone.

Hope this has been an interesting read and you have enjoyed reading my first blog!


Samantha xxx

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