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Ditch the filter FT Gift

Young boys and girls grow up with unrealistic and inappropriate beauty standards in a world where social media dominates.It is these unrealistic standards that establish people's expectations about how they should look.When young adults and youth are navigating themselves and their own sense of beauty, the standards can be very damaging.

Since I was a child, social media and society made me feel like I didn't meet the standards of beauty, especially when I had a dark complexion.

Consequently, I struggled internally about whether I was beautiful or not. My dark complexion played a huge role in my life and still does. The first thing people notice about me is my complexion, and all compliments are directed at my beautiful complexion.Over the years, this has become a compliment I have learned to appreciate and embrace.

Thus, I have chosen to hold this board "I love my complexion because it makes me unique."

Nevertheless, it wasn't always the case. Growing up, there was no one on TV or in social media who looked like me. The complexion of my skin made me the target of ridicule when I was a child.

Darkness has always been used against me, as I was as dark as a car tire, as dark as night, and everyone's favorite, that I could not be seen in the dark.

As a result of these mistreatments from society, I struggled to accept my complexion, which led me to consider skin lightening products. I was fortunate enough to steer myself away from harmful chemical products that could harm my beautiful skin through immense self-assurance and reassurance of my beauty.

I am now comfortable with what I now view as my beautiful dark skin, but I still have insecurities.I began experimenting with foundation to give me a lighter shade, or with filters to brighten my photos.It was still toxic to use these filters, especially since they did not portray my true beauty, which was a dark complexion.

This ditch the filter campaign is so important, as filters do so much to alter the futures of so many young people, especially those who are seeking immediate gratification and freedom from insecurities.This campaign gives me an opportunity to share my story with others who are experiencing similar insecurities.In this campaign, I am able to demonstrate that my complexion is indeed beautiful, despite what beauty standards may say about it.

In this campaign, I am able to feel comfortable in my own skin and avoid the use of filters that are designed to make me appear different.

In aesthetics we are now seeing more and more people coming into our clinics with unrealistic expectations for treatments, making it difficult to provide appropriate ethical treatments.

As practitioners who aim to provide clients with natural treatments, unrealistic beauty standards have caused us to have difficult conversations with our clients on what is attainable and realistic to achieve.

Thanks for reading and supporting our campaign xxx we are being brave to share a message that we hope May resonate x

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