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Ditch the filter ft Kirsty

Hey all,

I hope you have all enjoyed the previous weeks of our campaign to empower women to love their bodies and ‘Ditch the filter’! This has been great for us as a team and we hope it has given all of our followers a boost of confidence in their daily lives.

I have struggled with body image from the age of around 10 years old and I confess I still do at 37! This is a product of my environment, media and ideals leading me into constant scrutinising of my body and the natural processes it goes through as we grow.

I have had stretchmarks on the inside of my thighs and hip area since early teens and I hated them so much I would hide my body away so no one would see. This involved wearing jeans in the height of summer to conceal myself and when upper arm stretchmarks appeared, a long sleeve top too. And that was before having two babies, which further added to the embarrassment I felt surrounding my body.

This led to a cycle of crash dieting and disappointment not only in myself but in my body and how it looked. This caused me to filter my pictures to hide that my skin was stretched and that I felt damaged.

Over time I have learnt to embrace my body. It has shown me regardless of what I throw at it, my body is strong and I should not be ashamed of the battles I have put it through. It has taken me a long time for me to get to the point of feeling comfortable enough to bare my body to others and in doing so I hope I can empower others to do the same and feel comfortable enough to ‘ditch the filters and embrace the real YOU’

At the clinic we are lucky enough to be able to offer you the services you need if you are feeling unhappy in your own skin whether that is improving your mental wellbeing through our counselling services or assisting you with supported weight loss through our slimming services all of us are here for you.

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