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‘Filler blind’ heard the phrase?

As the popularity of dermal fillers continue to rise, we are seeing more and more people being turned away from the clinic, but why?!

Well a new term has emerged.. ‘filler blind’ a term describing an individual who can no longer see the ‘filler’ in their faces, or the results of their treatment and is left craving more when in fact that may not be what they need.

What becomes clear is that these individuals are totally unaware and therefore are vulnerable to those who perhaps are not ethically assessing their patients and are treating regardless of the negative impact..

Over the last five years, there has definitely become more individuals visiting the clinic who are unaware that they have overfilled their faces, almost as if they can no longer see the impact.. what has also started to become evident is how this can for some patients have a negative impact on their lymphatics, recently I read an amazing case story shared by Gillian Murray, in the paper they analysed the connections between over treating the face and it’s negative impacts on the bodies lymphatic system...a concept I have subscribed to for a while now!

I weekly refer patients to our massage specialist Courtney for a course of Manual Lymphatic drainage to stimulate and encourage the system to clear. Patients are often shocked when they realise the physiological impact having excessive filler treatments can have and keen to try and encourage their bodies to essentially, heal!

So always, always choose a Practitioner that has a detailed clinical understanding of the body and it’s systems, at La Ross we encourage EVERY new patient to attend a new patient consultation so we can fully understand you, your health and your goals before we recommend any treatment plan

Use the link below to book a consultation with any of my team today, we will look after you x


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