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Help me!! My under eyes really bother me!

The skin of the undereye, is thinner than the skin that encompasses the rest of the face: it contains less fatty tissue, collagen, and oil glands so this is an area that tends to age sooner than others and is more susceptible to sun damage, muscle contraction damage as well as visually drier skin.

Most people come to the clinic booking in Tear trough Filler, although this can be the solution for some: not everyone is suitable and sometimes a more holistic option can create better results for the right patient!

Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP is a component of blood that aids the healing process when trauma occurs. During a PRP procedure, a blood sample is drawn and then spun using the centrifugal system, this will harvest the red blood cells and poor platelet plasma. Since PRP is plasma that up to 10 times more platelet rich and contains more growth factors than normal blood, these platelets activate your body’s healing response and induce the growth of red blood cells and collagen to the injected area!

PRP aids elastin production within the skin, helping to restore healthy, younger-looking skin with improved support and thickening in the dermis making this an ideal solution for those with laxity in the under-eye area making them unsuitable for tear trough filler.

The image below reveals the results from a SINGLE treatment so imagine the results at the end of the course!

We recommend a treatment of 3-4 treatments, and as we can harvest up to 4 syringes of liquid gold within the process, we can also extend this to a full-face treatment to maximise the benefits of each treatment.

We ask you to ensure you remain hydrated two days prior to your appointment and eat complex carbohydrates in the morning of your appt, avoiding saturated fats and excess sugars so we can get a successful sample and maximise results for you.

To find out more contact the clinical team today on 01634 710 146 or schedule a new patient consultation today.

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