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Midwifery and Aesthetics.

Midwifery is seemingly worlds apart from the aesthetics industry in terms of job description, however, with the qualifications gaining during a midwifery degree most midwives are perfectly positioned to transition into the world of aesthetics and cosmetic procedures.

The transferrable skill set that is gained during training, midwives are ideally placed to take advantage of the demand of the ever-increasing world of cosmetic procedures.

The wealth of knowledge and skills earned by an experienced midwife in clinical settings and patient centered care is perfectly transferred into aesthetics.

Holistic care is paramount as a registered professional and midwives will always take this forward into practice, looking at providing support and care to the whole person, not just the physical need but the emotional, social and mental well being taken into account when delivering care. This is no different to the way those delivering aesthetics treatments should be assessing their patient as very often the ideals of what the patient wants sometimes differs to what the patient needs and making a holistic assessment with the patient will allow all possible options to be discussed and evaluated.

As a registered professional, the standard of increasing learning and continuous professional development is paramount to maintaining person centered, evidenced based practice. Education and enhancing learning should be a vital part of this and how we offer care to patients.

The aesthetic industry should be no different to this and the changes with legislation and regulation of the industry will enhance the mandatory elements to this, however most within the aesthetics industry recognize this and have taken the opportunities to increase understanding and learning of new treatments, safety and focusing more on the holistic approach with a significant focus on health and wellness to make a treatment plan within the patients’ best interests.

Midwives transition easily into aesthetics due to the ethos above being ingrained into their practice already. Their existing clinical skills, education, training and continuous professional development provide the perfect transferrable skills to ensure they are a safe, competent aesthetic practitioner’s.

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