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Post pregnancy recovery! Enjoy your new-born bubble more!

No one tells you when you are pregnant about the post birth recovery! I didn’t have the most straight forward birth with my first and I remember I was in so much pain and discomfort due to the complications and I know I’m not the only one who experienced the same or maybe even worse.

Not that all births are like that – my second was amazing, you must remember that everyone is different so not one pregnancy or birth is the same! Believe me, I wish I knew after having my first that these types of treatments were available and would have made those first few weeks post birth so much better.

So as many of you may know from one of my previous blogs about pregnancy massage, that is it becoming increasingly popular and can be extremely beneficial to have a massage during your pregnancy (advised after 12 weeks gestation) however, it is just as important to get massages post birth to help with your recovery and to help your body heal more quickly.

Here at The Clinic by La Ross, we support ladies from the beginning of their journey into

motherhood. We have several treatments that can help during and after your pregnancy.

One of them being massage, in particular manual lymphatic drainage massage. Post birth, MLD massage plays a vital part in your recovery.

After the birth of your baby, there are many benefits from having a massage. Especially when your hormones are trying to rebalance themselves and you’re trying to adapt to life with a newborn – stress, exhaustion and even anxiety can be at t

heir all-time highest. So, a Manual lymphatic drainage massage has the following benefits post birth:

  • Relaxation

  • Mood booster

  • Improved quality of sleep – seems impossible with a newborn but hang in there.

  • Reduction of post pregnancy/birth swelling – especially helps if you had an IV drip during labour.

  • Reduce pain & discomfort.

  • Improves circulation & reduce cramps and restless legs/arms

  • Helps to rebalance hormones.

  • Promote & aid healing – especially if you have had a c-section, a combination of MLD massage and light therapy can really speed up your recovery time.

  • Increased production of milk – if you are breastfeeding.

  • Reduce the chance of mastitis.

MLD massage helps to unclog and increase the lymphatic flow and therefore, making it

function better. Your lymphatic system is important for removing toxins and waste products from your body and plays a big role within the immune system and function. If it becomes congested or slows down it can impact your whole health and can cause you to feel sluggish, heavy, swollen and many more.

Furthermore, if you have had a caesarean – MLD massage is highly advised for p

ost-surgery, it will help boost your immune system, aid recovery, reduce formation of scar tissue and fibrosis, reduce pain, and discomfort and reduce swelling. Within these sessions, focused work will be aimed around the scar to help reduce the formation of fibrosis tissue and help ensure that your scar is smooth and does not hinder your lymphatic flow.

Alongside MLD massages, we offer light therapy sessions. The Dermulux Triwave MD light machine is a medical grade machine which uses a combination of red and near infra-red wavelengths which has been proven to increase your healing by 200%, it aids cell regeneration and repair, reduction of scarf ormation, pain, discomfort, and bruising. So combination of these treatments will ensure that you recovery quickly and you

can enjoy your newborn bubble even more! As it is important to look after yourself too, motherhood is tough but the most rewarding job!

So, if you have recently had a baby - get in contact with Courtney today and ensure that you look

after yourself too.

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