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The Power of Hot and Cold Temperature For the Skin

Ice baths, hot stone massages, cryotherapy and hot and cold treatments are rooted in beauty techniques and age old traditions around the world. There are many benefits and temperature functions have been integrated into many of the latest cosmetic devices on the market.  

Hot and cold treatments can be used to target issues such as  skin tightening, detoxification, oxygenation, circulation, toning, firming, puffy eyes, and more. Temperature driven treatments are also highly effective complementary treatments to other beauty technologies because they provide excellent healing and calming benefits for irritated or sensitive skin.

Farming treatment stimulates the blood flow, delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients to cells. Cooling functions reduce pore size, firm skin, and improve skin elasticity. When alternated, hot and cool functions promote vascular circulation and product absorption.Hot and cold treatments and hands the results of complementary skincare treatments.  It can also be used as an effective aftercare solution offering healing, calming and rejuvenation benefits. It can soothe and calm  irritated and  sensitive skin and is safe, affordable and non-invasive.

Heat treatments are most effective for boosting circulation, opening pores, reducing fine lines and easy muscle tension. For a heat treatment to be effective the temperature must reach a minimum of 40 degrees Celsius. At this level the heat will relax your muscles and expand the blood vessels. circulation improves, fresh blood flows to targeted areas and delivers more oxygen and nutrients for a healthier, brighter skin. Heat treatments are often used to optimise cleansing. Essentially, heat opens the pores improving the effectiveness of exfoliation and product absorption.

 As you might expect, cooling treatments work the opposite way. When a device reaches below minus 10 degrees Celsius the resulting chill can shock the dermis and muscles. This constricts the blood vessels, sending them into a powerful wake up phase that shrinks pores, Tightens skin and reduces inflammation.

Treatments are very popular for under the eye area by constricting the blood vessels, cold treatments can de- puff under eye bags, brighten skin, and improve the appearance of dark circles.

Alternating between hot and cold temperatures is a practice that dates to ancient civilization and provides added benefits. when you go back and forth between an ice bath and a heated sauna, for instance, the shop jump starts the blood flow, detoxes the skin and increases energy. When practised regularly, hot and cold temperature treatments can result in a stronger immune system, increased circulation, clearer pores and more radiant skin. 

Our Hydro 2 Facial machine which is a seven step facial incorporated cryotherapy with hot and cold. The heat element is used to open the pores for product absorption and the cold element is then used to close the pores tightens the skin and reduces inflammation.

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