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What the 3D Visage brings to our client

The 3D Visage is a complex skin scanning machine that is formulated around algorithms that allow us to pinpoint a clients true skin age so we can assess the skin clearly to plan their treatment journey and create goals to work towards.

We then monitor the progress made by repeating a skin scan at the end of the treatment journey. This means that all patients' treatment plans are tailor made for their skin and not one treatment to fit all.

This device offers a comprehensive visual representation of our clients facial form, taking into account all aspects such as shape, pigmentation, congestion, hydration and more. Using windows software and an 18 million pixel camera, no other skin scanner can compare with the 3D Visage for accuracy.

The final image on the skin scanner is composed of three shots from 3 different angles which creates a truly 3D Visual scan of the face. Each individual detailed scan will pick up on individual skin concerns so that we can tailor specific treatments for each client individually and accordingly. The 3D Visage camera is so spectacular that it can even pick up on microscopic bacteria to allow for preventative treatments.

Our 3D Visage ensures that every single treatment is personal to meet the individual clients needs in order to provide the best possible results.

With the detailed results from the skin scanner we can move forward with the correct treatment plan for the client and also return for a repeat scan when the treatment plan is ongoing or completed to compare results of the improvement to the clients skin.

At The Clinic by La Ross, we start your journey as new patient with us with one of these scans, so your journey from the start is tailored to you.

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