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Why our aesthetic nurse software is great for our patients?

As a clinic who is passionate about our patients, we wanted to be able to use a clinical software, which would be able to deliver a package to store all information safely in one place, Aesthetic Nurse Software (ANS) does exactly this.

As a clinic who is driving forward into CQC licensing territory, and always striving to meet best practice targets, we decided that Aesthetic Nurse Software would help us be compliant but also give our patients a way of easily booking their appointments with us at any time of the day from any location.

Our patients can book through the link from our website which will directly take them to the online booking system where they can book new appointments, update their existing appointments, and cancel and rebook if needed.

Once an appointment has been booked, Aesthetic Nurse Software will automatically send out the relevant forms, including medical history, consent for photographs and product information. Being able to send this information for the patient to complete before the appointment means as practitioners, we can have a head start in looking at the most current medical history and if the appointment needs to be altered or a different treatment plan needs to be discussed we can call the patient beforehand to arrange this.

With automatic reminder emails being sent to patients 2 days before, we find that patients can manage their appointments more effectively, giving them time to rearrange if necessary and call/email the clinic if they need to find out any additional information.

After patients have been to the appointment, they will receive an email with their aftercare and then 24 hours later a follow up email, asking how they are feeling and found their time at the clinic. This is important to us, so we can continue to grow as a clinic, putting our patient feedback into place quickly and efficiently.

The software allows the clinic to store the patient records are safely in one place. This includes clinical notes, product information -lot numbers, expiry dates, prescription details, patient photos, cost of treatments and the log of when the patient has attended previous appointments.

There is also a notes section separate to the clinical notes, here we can add information our patients have given us such as ‘patient likes to come in on Thursday’ or ‘pt has paid £50 deposit on 03.04.23’, or if the patient is having a course of treatment we can put which appointment they are on next.

With data security for our patients being one of the most important criteria within our clinic, Aesthetics Nurse Software provided this. With all patient information being stored and encrypted using SSL security, our patients can rest assure that their data is stored safely under the clinics Privacy Policy.

With Aesthetics Nurse Software we offer our patients a user-friendly booking system, where they are in control of their appointments, but where they also know that the information that we hold is safe and protected.

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