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This package is designed to ensure you are at optimum health to ensure a fantastic result in your surgery!

What is included?


12 Sessions with Courtney to ensure your immune system, digestive system and lymphatic system are functioning optimally.


Health check:


An opportunity to sit with a Registered Nurse and have multiple assessments conducted, including Blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation levels, height, weight, BMI assessment. We will also run your blood tests which will assess your full blood count and biochemistry which includes liver function, kidney function, iron levels, cholesterol, and lipid profile. It also includes an advanced thyroid check and assessment of your vitamin levels, sex hormone assessments and your adrenal hormone function.


We will also run a HBA1C test which is a diabetes check so you can see if you are at risk of Diabetes- essentially how well your blood sugars are currently being managed and this will allow for reasonable lifestyle adjustments to be put in place prior to surgery to maximise healing. The price you pay also covers a follow up appointment with one of our clinicians via Zoom to discuss your results.




2 x health trilogy- balance oil, xtend+ and zinobiotic

Head Massage
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