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Ditch the Filter ft Leeann

I am very proud to be part of this wonderful Ditch the filter campaign.

I haven’t always had social media in my life and only in later years that I was introduced to it and I can see how much it has changed so quickly.

We perceive that every face we see in magazines, tv, social media or any other platform is true and in reality a massive amount of filters, lighting and good angles are the secret.

As a woman in the past I have wished I looked like someone else, be a little skinnier, have a smaller nose the list could go on, but I have embraced who I am and I can look in the mirror and see the things I like and realise that I am original, I am me and I am comfortable in my own skin and it is important as a clinic that we make our clients feel the same with a positive outlook on being self confident and feeling wonderful.

Ditch the filters and confident in who you are you are a limited edition there’s only one of you.

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