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Ditch The Filter ft Ruth

Throughout the last few years filters on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram have become the norm, which in turn make people feel that using them is a normal way of life and what is acceptable on social media.

With our Ditch the filter campaign we want woman and men to realise that they are beautiful without these filters and to embrace themselves.

I am one of the worst for always using filters on my pictures when out with my friends. Hitting 40 last year has made me try to embrace my age and also the way I look. I have in the last 10 years really struggled with the way I look. From being a size 6 up until the age of 20, to having my children and weight seeming to pile on to a

now a size 16!. It's hard as a woman to accept our body shape and loving ourselves for who we are rather than the size we are.

Within the last couple of months I have reflected on my well being, I have changed my diet, which has made me feel less bloated and in made my to start to love my body again, yes I am bigger than I was ten years ago but I have 2 children who I have carried, a husband who loved me when I was a size 10 but still loves me now.

When I was 18 years old I got my first tattoo, my parents went mad, said I was ruining my body. Since that first tattoo i have had plenty more, some for family members that I have lost and some just because I wanted to. Tattoos are a personal preference, some hate them and some people love them, I suppose they are like marmite.

I used to try to hide my tattoos when I was around certain people, not to rock the boat or hear the tuts and sighs, but they are me, they are a conversation starter, with strangers on the train and even family members. My tattoos are me, if people do not like them that's fine they can have their opinions but for me it's a way of celebrating me!

We need to learn to embrace our bodies and the way we look so we can live a full and happy life! Lets not worry about what people think of us, Lets help each other to love ourselves so we can each embrace every moment

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