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La Ross Sofa Sessions

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

So what is this all about?

La Ross wanted to make sure they are showing you exactly what you asked to see! More of what happens behind the scenes plus more of what we are bringing to our patients!

We have launched our your tube in order to interview people weekly on a wide range of topics!

  • Industry changes and tighter regulations for Aesthetic treatments

  • What treatments are on the rise

  • Patients talking about their transformations and how it has impacted their lives

  • Our sleep specialist coming to talk all things sleep!

  • Menopausal at 27

  • Health check and how we are supporting the NHS

  • How we are supporting our male patients

  • How we can support you with your elective surgery journey

Plus so much more!!!

We wanted to make sure our youtube channel provided something extra so please subscribe and support us with our latest adventure!

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