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Why is a consultation so important in Aesthetic Nursing?

In my opinion, the initial consultation is the most important part of any patient journey and

treatment for many reasons, ensuring I always give my patients time; for me to get to know

them and for them to get to know me! Plus I love a good ole chat, so that always helps!

Aesthetic nursing involves providing cosmetic treatments and procedures to patients. As such, consultations play a crucial role in this field of nursing.

Reasons a consultation is so important:


At La Ross every patient is sent a medical questionnaire prior to their consultation. This

is to find out about any current/previous medical conditions and any current or recent

medications, any of which may have an impact on your aesthetic treatments.

An example of this is; antibiotics. Antibiotics fight off bad bacteria however they also fight

off good bacteria. Antibiotics are given to patients to fight off any infection that may be in

the body, this means your immune system is compromised, so in turn, having an

aesthetic treatment will put your body/skin at risk of contracting another infection.


Contraindications are defined as a condition or circumstance that suggests or indicates

that a particular technique or drug should not be used.

Not all patients are suitable candidates for all aesthetic treatments. Consultations allow

nurses to identify any contraindications or potential risks associated with a particular

treatment, so they can determine if it is safe for the patient.


I hope every aesthetic practitioner will agree with me on this that a full face holistic

approach should be taken every time we assess a patient. What I mean by holistic

approach is that for example if a patient attends clinic and states that they need their

nasolabial lines filled due to 'droopyness' of the midface, we should be conducting a full

facial assessment to ensure the clients suggestion is accurate and there isn't a more

suitable treatment to achieve the desired result, such as cheek filler in this example. This

is usually due to the fact that as we age we lose the fat pads under our skin that provide

support to overlying skin, combining this with the normal changes of bone structure the

face can appear flattened and migrate in a downwards motion resulting in the loss of the

natural facial contouring causing the development of nasolabial folds and jowls.

Furthermore, undertaking a full facial analysis will help us to understand our patients

needs fully not just skin deep but bone deep and communicate this to them, ensuring

that we inform them that we can treat their concerns however it may be a combination of

treatments rather than just one stand alone treatment to ensure we achieve their goals.


Consultations provide an opportunity for the practitioner to establish a rapport with our

patients, this is vital when building a trusting relationship. It helps us ensure we fully

understand what our patients want and for them to understand why we're offering the

treatments that we do. It gives us an opportunity to showcase our knowledge on our

treatments ensuring that our patients understand each treatment's benefits and risks,

this also gives us the chance to explain how these treatments relate back to our human


It also gives us an opportunity to explain our treatments fully and to ensure our patients

have realistic expectations about what results they can achieve with the treatments we

offer. It lets us meet and discuss our patients goals, concerns, and desired outcomes.

Often, consultations can take upwards of an hour to cover all topics to ensure both the

patient and practitioner are happy to proceed with treatment. The most important part of

a consultation, especially to me, is ensuring that the patient is made to feel like they can

ask questions and say no at any point in their journey with us, making them feel safe and

comfortable; this also encourages them to return in the future.


The consultation is all about you. The initial new patient consultation is the start of your

journey here with us at La Ross, and we are fully focused on what your goals and

concerns are and how we can achieve these to the best of our ability.

Often we decide that your treatment plan consists of more than one procedure however

it is not always appropriate to have these at the same time, meaning it is also my

responsibility to ensure you are educated on aftercare and maintenance to keep up

these initial results.

It is also very important that my clients know it is completely normal to have more than

one consultation to ensure you are fully confident and educated in the treatment you are

paying for.

In summary, consultations to me are far more important than the treatment itself, so I hope to see you book in with me soon and we can discuss any concerns and goals you have!

I look forward to seeing you in the clinic!

All the best,

Nurse Ellie, x

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