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It is important to ensure that you optimise your health prior to your surgery as well as after surgery as it can make all the difference to your recovery and even the success of your procedure! The following things can really help boost your immune system & reduce post surgery complications.


Nutrition - your body will need extra energy, nutrients and calories to heal - so for optimal healing its best to get into the routine of eating a balanced and healthy diet including supplements and be aware that post surgery you may need to adjust your calories to up to 20 calories per pound of weight for optimum healing. If you need support losing body fat and getting into a healthier BMI prior to surgery we can assist you with this also.


Exercise - staying active will speed up recovery as well as improve your overall health and boosting your immune system.


Massage - The lymphatic system is our bodies natural cleansing mechanism, ridding cells of toxic fluids. A well-functioning lymphatic system is essential to our bodies’ ability to regenerate tissues, drain fluids, get rid of foreign substances and toxins, detoxify, and maintain a healthy immune system without this our body swells and aches.


Scar massage is a way of softening and flattening scars. It can stop scar tissue build up and help make scars less noticeable. Your scar or scars will continue to grow and change for about twelve to eighteen months, so the earlier and more regularly you massage your scar, the less the chance of long-term problems. We will treat you and provide long term tips to ensure a great result!


Stop or reduce alcohol and smoking - both reduce your healing process, increase infections and post surgery complications- we can help with referrals to help with this.


Here at La Ross Aesthetics, we are highly dedicated in helping and supporting you prepare for your surgery and ensuring that you have a successful, complication free recovery. So we have put together 3 amazing packages to support you.


Why are supplements an important part of your journey?

Including natural supplements into your daily routine prior to your surgery can really improve and optimise your health. All of the products we recommend are backed by science and use active nutrients from food to fight the imbalances of modern life.


BalanceOil+ - supports optimal immune, heart and brain function, helps maintain Omega-6:3 balance and contributes to normal bone and muscle function and cell division.


Zinobiotic - an unique blend of 8 natural dietary fibres supporting the growth of friendly bacteria, promoting healthy bowel functions, reduction of bloating and balancing cholesterol levels.


Xtend+ - perfectly complements BalanceOil+ and ZinoBiotic+ which is an all-natural advanced immune and nutritional supporting supplement including 22 essential vitamins and minerals. Promotes tissue repair and growth

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a key part of your pre surgery care and have a significant impact on your surgical journey. MLD massage has endless benefits for both your physical and mental health. Surgeons are becoming more aware of the impact of MLD massage and the benefits it provides and, are recommending it for both pre and post-surgery.


Pre surgery massages are to give your lymphatic system a kickstart and helping it function optimally which in turn helps improve your immune system, speed up your healing process and reduce post-surgery complications. Surgery causes trauma to your lymphatic system and therefore it becomes comprised and sluggish. Without these pre-surgery massages it will be even more comprised which will slow down your recovery.


Following surgery treating the scarring is so important to ensure appropriate softening and flattening giving you the best result to last you a lifetime!

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Wound healing support at La Ross using the TRI WAVE MD by Dermalux: the world’s most powerful medical grade light therapy!


We have found that LED treatments in the first 2 – 3 weeks post-surgery has been shown to significantly reduce healing time by half. LED will also help reduce pain, swelling and redness. Studies have shown that skin cells grow 150% – 200% faster when exposed to the correct wavelength of LED light. LED Therapy is suitable for all skin types, however the number of treatments required can vary with skin type and condition. It does not contain any harmful ultraviolet wavelengths so cannot damage the skin. LED Light Therapy is a professional non-surgical, non-invasive treatment with no down time used to stimulate the skins own renewal process using pure visible and near infra-red light suitable in the treatment of wound healing and scar reduction.


Results are visible after each treatment but are most profound after cumulative treatments. A program of ten treatments is recommended resulting in a smoother, Firmer, and healthier skin condition by activating an anti-inflammatory response in the skin.


LED Light Therapy is a completely natural way of skin rejuvenation without the use of harmful UVA or UVB rays. It’s a great treatment for everyone aiding in the body’s recovery process. The LED light emits warm and soothing light energy proven to relieve muscle and joint pain and stiffness, as well as increases blood circulation. This helps set in motion the body’s pain-relieving and wound healing process.

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