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Ditch the filter ft Courtney

Our Ditch the Filter campaign has really been an eye opener for so many of us and hopefully for you too. We live in a society that constantly uses filters for pretty much everything - photos, videos, lives etc. There are apps that completely alter your appearance, body size, skin you name it - it can change it. Making everyone constantly compare and judge themselves as well as others. Is that really a world we want to live in? … for our children to grow up in? I certainly don’t.

I hold my hands up, I have used filters. To make myself feel better and so I didn’t feel judged or to stop being whispering behind my back. I’ve always struggled with my weight from my early teens - no matter if I was strict with food and exercised, I was still always curvy. Back then I hated it and would constantly compare myself to others, wishing I was thinner and less chunky. But recently since having my two gorgeous little boys - I’ve started to love my body more. My body has been through a few amazing journeys and it’s part of who I am. I’ve started to embrace my body that I’m not going to fit in a size 10 anymore or have a flat stomach and I’m starting to accept that. Yes I have days, don’t get me wrong. Who doesn’t. But then I remind myself that it isn’t just about appearance, we are so much more that that! And that’s what we should shine for and be proud about.

We only live once right?!? So why don’t we. We constantly worry about indulging, or what size our clothes are or the angle of the camera and if it’s going to make us look bigger or if people will stare if we wear a bikini etc. But we don’t think about the memories or moments that we don’t capture or take part in because we are too ashamed or embarrassed of ourselves. Yes I’m all for healthy eating and exercise but to keep your bodies and well being HEALTHY.

In my work, I have the pleasure of treating so many lovely clients. Yes I do work with those that have had cosmetic surgery and lately there’s been a lot. All of them have their reasons and very valid reasons. But it just goes to show you the effect today’s society has on so many. I spend a lot of one to one time with my clients and for a long period of time, so I really do get to know all of them. Many admit that they have surgery because they didn’t feel comfortable in a swimsuit or clothing, felt unattractive and embarrassed by their bodies or after children they struggled to lose that last bit of baby weight or going through the menopause they gained weight - the list goes on. But something that stuck with me is quite a few say, they look different but don’t feel different or they try to hide little faults. So really their thought process hasn’t changed. My main aim is to help my clients feel better in themselves, to empower them and to look after their wellbeing and their bodies. Even down as simple things like more energy, improved sleep, feeling less bloated, feeling less stressed. Helping them have a positive relationship with their body and to feel good in it not just with its appearance.

We are not a one size fits all. It’s ok to be tall, to be short.. to be slim… to be curvy! You are beautiful no matter what. We are all unique, men and women and everyone should embrace that and be proud of who you are! Love and live as you are and enjoy it all.

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