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Toothache and Fillers?! Blog post by Samantha

Having toothache may not be something we often think of as an issue when we consider having cosmetic treatments but when it comes to dermal fillers it may well be more important than you realised- albeit it’s not at the top of the list of traditional contraindications when it comes to having lip filler administered, but let me tell you why it is a ‘no‘ from us!

Dentists are cautious about fillers and if dental work is needed near an area that has been treated with dermal fillers then the area may be at risk- the dental work ‘could’ cause the area to become infected so it is important to have any necessary dental work prior to having dental treatments- there has been a lot of research around the connections between HA fillers, dental work and biofilm infections…

When we assess client suitability for their chosen treatment, we will not only ensure they are well in themselves mentally, but also physically- so many patients attend their appointments unwell and are asked to reschedule, and this extends to oral health too.

it is essential that we are fit and healthy, to ensure the best results from dermal filler and avoid unnecessary risks. If a patient is on antibiotics, or has a cough or cold etc, it is vital that the treatment is postponed until they are feeling better.

Essentially dermal fillers are implanted.. and anything that is implanted brings risks or potential infections.. dental problems may shed bacteria in to the blood stream and thus could result in bacteria migrating within the filler.

Dr Sue Ellen Cox recounts a patient who presented with a biofilm formation in the cheek as a plausible complication of soft tissue filler.. and although research is limited there is definitely enough connections to see that it is an area we need to avoid. Biofilm infections are serious..and not easy to treat!

Always ensure your practitioner carries out a full and in depth consultation beforehand.

Safety is paramount, and if you have toothache then address it first and when you are well we will rebook your appt.

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